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Are You Ready To Grow?

2012 could be the year you finally experience the spiritual growth you've been looking for.

Community of Hope is excited to partner with Monvee to offer one of the most unique and innovative spiritual growth tools available today. With Monvee, there is no "one-size-fits-all" appraoch to spiritual growth. Monvee quickly discerns how you best learn, how you relate to God and how God has wired you to uniquely grow. The end result: a customized spiritual growth plan designed by you and for you.

If you've ever felt stuck or at a loss for what to do next to grow spiritually, Monvee can help!

Interested? Here's how to get started!

1. Create your profile and take the free online Monvee Assessment by clicking HERE.
2. Review the results of your Discovery Assesment. This should provide you with great insight into how you learn and grow. 
3. Pick up a Monvee Pak at Community of Hope on a Sunday morning in the lobby. Each pak is $20, and contains access for creating your roadmap and using all the web-based tools. Each pak also contains a DVD and other resources to jumpstart your Monvee experience.

You have what it takes to allow God to grow you spiritually...let Monvee show you how!
Need assistance with Monvee? Email our Monvee team HERE.